January: New Year's Eve Party Beard

Let's face it, beards are awesome. They're the the ultimate male accessory, or so I'm told (I can't grow a worthy one). They have the power to completely transform a guy's face from naive and childish to rugged and sophisticated and back in an instant. Photographer Stephanie Jarstad took the beard phenomenon and stepped up the game one more notch by decorating a man's beard in a series of photos for every month of the calendar year.

In Stephanie's words, she stated:

"I recently published a 2015 calendar called A Beard for all Seasons. Each month is represented by a different holiday in a beard.

Remember The Twelve Beards Of Christmas? Well Christmas has come and gone too quickly, so I’ve decided to keep the Beard spirit all year long. We’re already half way through MANUARY!

Celebrate the year of the beard!"